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Business in Malta

ViaOffice Malta offers you the opportunity to use administrative, accounting, legal and other added value services within the territory of Malta


Why Malta?

Strategic geographical location and stable economy

Malta is an archipelago of six islands in the central part of the Mediterranean to the south of the Italian island of Sicily, to the east of Tunisia, and to the north of Libya. Malta is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. The country joined the European Union in 2004 and the euro became its official currency in 2008. The most important sectors of the Maltese economy are the wholesale and retail trade, transport and the hospitality business. Most Maltese exports go to Germany, France, and Hong Kong, while most imports come from Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Excellent business and investment environment

Malta is among the most attractive offshore areas. It is an EU Member State with a corporate income tax rate of 35 %, out of which 30 % represent a refundable tax credit. Thus, the effective profit tax rate is 5 percent. The minimum required capital for the registration of a company is EUR 1,200. The VAT rate is 18 percent. Traditionally, Malta maintains and promotes very good trade relations with non-EU countries, countries in North Africa and the Middle East, as well, which could enable Bulgarian products and services to reach new large markets. All these features coupled with the stable economy and the excellent repute of the country as a tourist destination turn Malta into an attractive place to do business.

Our services for your success in Malta

ViaOffice Malta

Consultancy and provision of exhaustive information on the opportunities to register a company in Malta.
Preparation of the whole documentation needed for the registration of a company.
Opening of bank accounts.
Market research and assistance in Malta, non-EU and North African countries.
Full accounting and legal services to natural persons and legal entities.

ViaOffice Malta

Full accounting and legal services to individuals and legal entities.
Advice on Malta’s national policies in the field of employment, social security and pension schemes.
Services to individuals.
* ViaOffice has an agreement signed with a reputable law office which provides full legal, accounting, and auditing services to legal entities and natural persons.

Why ViaOffice?

  • Save resources
  • Save time
  • Use only the services that you need
  • All services are offered separately or in a subscription package
  • Our staff and partners are experts with high qualifications and excellent track record
  • You receive the best at an attractive price

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