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ViaOffice - Virtual Office & Business Solutions

ViaOffice is a virtual office which provides administrative and consulting services to businesses and individuals. The acronym Via stands for the fundamental principles that we share:
Vision based on Innovation for more and greater Achievements.

Our Vision

To give opportunities for successful business development in an environment of deserved trust, accountability and interaction to achieve competitiveness based on professionalism, quality and innovation.

Our Мission

To provide a safe and adaptive environment for competitive business development of start-ups, micro-, small and medium-sized companies in line with the modern requirements and dynamic patterns of business processes through the provision of professional administrative and expert services.

Our Аdvantages

By working with us, you save rental and utility costs

We offer you flexible conditions focused on the specific needs of your business

You save time and resources in the selection and training of administrative staff

You have the opportunity to use a shared workspace and high-quality technical facilities in a modern and functional office space

You have the opportunity to use a meeting room, which includes guaranteed access to high-speed internet, multimedia, a screen and use of office equipment and consumables (coffee, tea and water for all persons during the time in which the premises are used)

Expert services are available to you and you pay only for the services, without any costs for the salaries and social security contributions of the staff


Are you looking for optimization of your costs?

We offer complete solutions for the success of your business.